By the time we have finished delivering our August edition the Olympic games will be well underway, we are really excited about watching the television coverage especially track and field events. My fondest Olympic memories are of the 1980 & 1984 rivalries between Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett. At the 1980 games Ovett struck first, winning the 800m final ahead of Coe however Coe triumphed in the 1500m with Ovett coming in third for the bronze medal. In 1984 Coe was beaten into second place in the 800m by the Brazilian Joaquim Cruz, a big, striding fellow. Ovett collapsed in the 800m with bronchitis – he probably shouldn’t have run at all but he went to hospital and then came back to compete in the 1500m, which shows he was a very determined character. The moment I best remember is the end of that race, as he wins the gold, you can see Coe making his view quite clear that not only had he come back but he had proved his doubters wrong.

On a serious note, we thought we’d mention one of our long standing advertisers, Homescapes 1990, we count Tom and Jane among our friends. Tom has been suffering some illness recently and we would like to wish him a swift recovery.

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