My new hobby of mountain biking turned into a major disaster last week, while I was out on my early morning ride the rear axle of the bike snapped leaving me stranded with nowt but a flock of sheep on a windy moorland hillside.

Gill came to the rescue and picked me up, mobile phones, I thought, are a miracle of modern technology. On returning home I expected the the worst, I would need a new bike or at the least a new wheel, so imagine my surprise when I discovered I could do it myself for the small sum of £10.99. And so with the confidence of someone who had taken a crash course in bike maintenance, I set about stripping down the bike, removing the wheel and axel making a mental note of the parts and where they went, I laid them out on the workspace I had created in the order they would be needed upon executing the task in reverse.

It was unfortunate that the mobile phone rang exactly when it did because as I reached out to pick it up I accidentally knocked the wheel over which caused the parts to scatter across the floor and work area, the result is that in spite of my best efforts, ( I am not the handiest of handy men), I have failed to carry out the necessary repairs and the subsequent visit to the bicycle repair shop has cost me an arm and a leg, Mobile phones, I thought at the time, are an absolute pain in the neck.

In a bit!

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