Earlier today we visited our local cinema, Tuesdays are usually our cinema day, two films caught our attention. The first being Lawless it was a brilliant film and although the theme was violence and killing with two references to the F word (that’s what the blurb said), there were actually 17 references I know I counted them, we both really enjoyed it.

The second was a film called Now Is Good. Dakota Fanning doing an english accent, I expected a re-run of Dick Van Dykes chimney sweep but she did quite well, but, OMG. If this film taught me one thing it was to ensure that I check the synopsis before viewing any other films. I cried like a baby, honestly it brought some real memories back (Ste) I must have looked like a right girl, still it’s good to be in touch with your emotional side.

Next time I go to the cinema I will be sticking to themes of horror and those with the odd reference to body parts, give me some screaming and blood any day……where are the tissues?

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