Saturday night we went out to a dinner party which was held by one of our advertisers whom we had never met but had chatted over the phone for months. Gill asked me if I had the address and I said I just needed to check it out before we left.

Check done we set off, as we approached I realised I did’nt know the house and we pulled into the kerb to check the house numbers, Gill said this is 441 so the one we want is two doors up. We parked the car and followed a couple up the path and into the house.

The lady of the house greeted us warmly and indicated to Gill that they had indeed met before, while we stood in the hallway I chatted with a lady who said she knew me and had been to junior school with me, we chatted about siblings, school and family, loads of  Bonn Ami going on I thought. although one of the guests had commented that we seemed a little over dressed for their little get together.

Suddenly, the lady who had invited us in said ” I think your at the wrong address ” embarrassed, we both realised that we had indeed entered the wrong house, ” is this 341″  I nervously asked ” No, i’ts 441, you’ve got the wrong house ” We attempted a swift exit but the guests thought it would be a good idea to pop out and see us off and with embarassed hand shakes loud laughter we jumped into the car and sped off to the correct house, NEVER EVER mention this to anyone, Gill smiled through gritted teeth…….OK my dear I wont, my lips are sealed.

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