Earlier this month I was talking to a young family member about the things that have happened this year and what I was looking forward to during next year.

“There’s no point in making plans for next year because the world is going to be over by December 21st, a bloke said so a long time ago!”  Intrigued, I enquired after this “blokes”  name.  “ How should  know, but he said that there would be some really bad weather and storms and stuff like that and look what’s    happening in America with the hurricanes and stuff, he said all this would happen, so it must be true, and I’ll bet you it’s right”.

“How on earth do you cover a bet like that? I thought, “If she’s wrong and the family party still goes ahead on the 22nd, then she loses and if she’s right then we all lose!”  It did get me thinking though. And a quick look at the internet and  it’s there for all to see. It’s in the ancient Mayan prophecy which clearly states that  a cataclysmic event will occur which means the end of the world is nigh on the winter solstice, and after all those Mayans knew a thing or two about  the future, didn’t they?

So there you have it, irrefutable proof, after all, if it says so on t’internet then it must be true, we’re all doomed…..

Anyway, if by a stroke of good fortune. we are still around after the 21st we hope you have a really Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


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